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Hey! I'm Jodi. Over my 17-year hair odyssey, I've become a certified master in color, cutting, and extensions. I’ve taken color classes from some of the counties top colorists and been to the world renowned Vidal Sassoon Cutting Academy.  But what truly lights up my shears is the power of transformation; turning hair dreams into reality with Invisible Bead Extensions. Because, let's face it, giving people the hair they've always wanted? Yes please!

Making things pretty is my superpower, and seeing the joy it brings to others is the ultimate reward.

“If mastery is your end point, when you get there, you are done. You are at the top, the pinnacle, the peak. However, survival of the fittest is about survival of those best able to adapt, and adapting is a continual process. That’s why achieving mastery is so dangerous. The moment you think you have arrived, you begin to atrophy and decline. As others adapt and move past you, your chances of survival diminish. Thus, the pursuit of mastery is a never ending quest.”

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Originally from Palm Desert, I moved to the coast in 2020 to fulfill my lifelong desire to be near the ocean! Trust me, once you've tasted that salty air, there's no turning back. In between being a mom to two boys, I've found my zen at the gym, where the love for daily workouts is strong and keeps me energized.

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